In Cítricos La Paz, we are experts in lemon. Our family counts on an efficient human group, connecting generations and getting experience and innovation. For that reason our brands lead the sector, generating full confidence and leaving a mark in our customers.

Our facilities are located in the industrial park of Fortuna (Murcia), a strategic place as a result of the raw material proximity; providing an exceptional product with the best conditions for sale.

Cítricos La Paz exports their lemon to almost all the markets around the world. The biggest consumers are from the largest areas of Europe, Russia, Asia, Canada, USA, United Arab Emirates, and South America.

Day by day, we make a continuous effort, paying attention to detail, to provide a fresh, healthy and exceptional product that emphasizes the health benefits of lemon.

All of our products are submitted to a total quality and safety food control. Our work system (based on the strictest standards of quality) makes the lemon of Cítricos La Paz meet the most exigent requirements. We are equipped with the highest technology to make any kind of required elaboration.

Las marcas comerciales de Cítricos La Paz son lideres en su sector

Our values

Los valores de Cítricos La Paz