producción de limón bio en Citricos la Paz

The organic lemon is the one grown by organic farming, where the raw material is obtained from the optimal use of the natural resources of the land, without synthetic chemical products.

It is important to underline the benefits presented by this product in different areas. On the one hand, the entire process is developed on a sustainable and balanced way by environment-friendly farming practices; in other words, it is a less extensive farming. These techniques contribute to preserve the species and the native variety; and the biodiversity, farming and the wild diversity
In addition, the use of low-solubility organic fertilizers in adequate amounts reduces the ground-water and the soil pollution. On the other hand, it is important to consider the great benefits for the local area, and the rural environment, due to the demand of a largest labour force than in a conventional production.

Therefore, it is interesting to underline that the organic lemon is a very healthy and harmless product for the environment.