In the race for quality there is no finish line.

Quality is one of the pillars, in which is based Cítricos La Paz. Our whole productive process is based on the international standards BRC, IFS, GLOBAL GAP and GRASP, which aim is always giving priority to the best quality service for our customers and according to their specifications, providing an integral system of services that adapts to the particular needs.

Our crops are located in the South East of Spain, in particular in Alicante, Murcia and Almeria, cradle of these products with a rooted citrus cultivation culture.  In all of them it is carrying out a detailed and exhaustive selection, based on the protocol, by applying a rational agriculture with the highest respect for the environment.

As a result of the raw material proximity, it is determined the most appropriate and likely moment and circumstances to collect the fruits, by guarantying a fresh product in its best organoleptic conditions always.

One at the installations, each and every making is made under a rigorous control supported by the quality standards, in order to provide our customers a completely guaranteed and secure service. The only aim of Cítricos La Paz is providing every day, minute to minute, the best of our products.

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